Simcity Buildit Gives A Tough Fight To Its Competition

EA brings forward the latest building app SimCity Buildit for the hardcore construction buffs. I found the lower levels easier to play it keeps getting more engaging with the passing of the levels. The graphics of the game are high end and are the virtual arrangement looks incredibly real. My objective for the game was that I had a town to manage. At the start of the game, the demand of the population are small and I had to concentrate more on building residences and factories collect money for the day to day expenditure. As the game progressed, it got harder to live up to the demands of my citizens and make them happy.

To keep the citizens happy, I had to not only set up residencies for them but also entertainment solutions. Schools and hospitals are service buildings and adding them makes the citizen happy. I got hold of few SimCity Build It Cheats that the more facilities I added near the township; the happier my citizens seemed to be. I had to be on my toes all the time. Providing my citizens with the essential amenities is what used to keep them happy. Failure in doing so would lead them to leave the city and negatively impact my score. As the progress, only the score would not matter. The citizens and their happiness and how to make things easier for them would be on the top of the priority.

The game is well paced. What I understood while playing is that all the aspects of the game are interconnected. Improvement of one would positively affect all the other areas.  This game is the first of its kind to have two forms of game cash, Simoleons and SimCash. SimCash is only to come in more handy. I often used SimCash to complete urgent items that would otherwise take a long time to get over. The constant cause of worry for me while I was playing the game was to make sure my city was safe. There are namely two ways that I could ensure the safeguarding of, my city.

The first one was to build police stations and fire stations to combat any emergency and crimes in the city. Education institute also helped to curb the crime rate. The second one was to save my city from any form of disasters personally. Fire, flood, alien invasion, and the likes would often attack the city. As a mayor, it was my responsibility to deal with the situation with utmost responsibility and sensibility. While playing the game, I never for once felt that I only had a virtual responsibility towards my city.

The beauty of SimCity Buildit is that it never fails to feel real despite being a virtual game. EA is a responsible developer and comes up with various new upgrades to deal with any technical or gaming issues that the players might be feeling.  The latest version seems to give a tough fight to all its competitors. One of the more preferred building games in the lot, it has grabbed a lot of positive attention and reviews with its latest release of an upgrade. The rate at which it is going, it will not be long before it maintains a steady and constant position at the top.

Drift Into A World Of Opportunities With NBA Live Mobile


There are certain kinds of games in which players can experience all kinds of activities in one go. Similarly, such was the impact of NBA Live Mobile game too. As I was a fan of basketball games and an even bigger fan of NBA games, it was an extremely special moment for me to play it. There were a bucket load of memories associated with it. I was eagerly waiting for the launch of this game since a long time. I was hoping that it would deliver a new and interesting mobile sports gaming experience. And to my relief, it actually provided me with so much more than that. I was basically overwhelmed on playing this game. On going through its features, I then advanced with it slowly, yet steadily. It provided me with an all round positive experience to which I would always cherish it throughout my lifetime.

With lots of new features involved in it, I had an absolute gala time playing. A mixture of both simple and tough elements, it was an overall interesting experience. Playing with NBA Live Mobile was nothing like other games. Controls were pretty good as well as responsive too. There were buttons on the right side and a digital analog stick on left. Therefore, I had to always ensure that my finger were on the right spot in right to deliver the perfect command. It was extremely requisite for me to take care of certain major factors in right to take my game forward with ease. Due to its incredibly simplistic nature, I was able to play it even more quickly and easily as well. Apart from such factors, it was a necessity for me to level up in different modes. By doing so, I was able to step ahead of my competitors.


In NBA Live Mobile, completion of each level earned me a considerable amount of XP i.e. experience points as well. At higher levels, I was even liable on gaining new lineups. Such factors helped me to gain enormous advantages in certain modes like Head To Head and Season which brings me more nba live mobile coins. Playing these modes was equally tough and challenging but with unlocking new lineups and gaining points as well helped me to go a long way. I had always made sure to keep a constant watch on my co player’s activities. It was a simply a must for my team to excel over others. Therefore, performance was a major factor in all games for succeeding.

In NBA Live Mobile, I was also required to look out for players with special abilities. Presence of such factors would help in boosting up the stats of a particular player or else, my entire team. Providing my team with all kinds of distinct abilities proved to be extremely helpful for my team in general. With such tactics, my team was naturally able to perform better during on court activities. Post acquiring a considerable amount of points and other valuable rewards, I was able to purchase better players for my team. My main intention was to basically strengthen my team in all possible ways.

All in all, it was an extremely fun filled game for me. Presence of ultra new features made it all the more addictive for me. With stunning visuals and an even better gaming console, it was all I could ever ask for as a player. As a matter of fact, this game is for each and everybody to enjoy, irrespective of being a basketball lover or not. Hence, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who would want to enjoy their time to the fullest.

Madden Mobile Caters To All The Football Fancy

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The game enjoys a great rating on all the download sites. There the latest addition to the football based mobile app games is EA Madden Mobile. Previously available for consoles and online play, the developers make a conscious step to get closer to its users. The app has received a positive response from most of the critics and users alike. I, on the other hand, wanted to wait and check out the game myself before jumping to conclusions. The game is supposed to involve a lot of high-resolution graphics, so I was a little surprised to find out that the download time it took was quite acceptable.

The game runs on the internet, but does not seem to have any form of technical glitch despite the high graphic content. The setting option lets you modify a certain specific feature of the game like its sound or regulate the in-app purchases. In settings, I had the opportunity to connect my progress to the social media. The positive attribute of this is that my progress would never get lost. I could start off playing where I stopped, lest I lose my current gaming device or buy a new one. The appearances of the characters in the game are in three-dimensional formats. Almost all the real life features are well retained in the gaming app.

I had a basic automatic team ready at the beginning of the game. Making progress in the game gave the opportunity to trade my players for players with a better score. I preferred the touch screen option to play the game.  I would just have to swipe left or right depending on the action that I want to perform. Going to the settings option in the game, I could change the sound settings as well as notification setting as per my suitability. The game also has an option of using the onscreen joystick to play the game.


A driving factor of the game, along with trying to get my team on top was coin collection. Collecting the coins is an integral part of the games progress. The more coins earned, the better the team statistics are likely to get. The extra challenges in the course of the game helped me earn extra coins, rewards, and sometimes card. I got a chance to use these advantages during the auctions. I sometimes used the cards during auctions instead of madden mobile coins. Saving the cons for the more challenging stages of the game comes in handy.

Playing this game took me back to my childhood. The virtual realism of the game made me feel like I was back to playing football without any restrictions. The game’s extra features, like the commentary and the fans in the stadium, would often keep me hooked to the game for hours together. The game is no doubt one of the best in its league. The simple yet appealing graphics sounds with certain edge helps this app makes the cut more than graciously. The market though has an array of similar application. Madden Mobile stands out for its console like quality on the mobile.